photo-content-icon-1SPATIAL TEAMWORK

Craft the Environment You Need

  • Design the exact configuration of meeting rooms you need
  • Create bespoke presentation areas
  • Introduce dynamic elements to encourage creativity

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Inspire Your Whole Team

  • Dynamic video with a sense of place and presence
  • Full agency to explore, converse, collaborate and play
  • Dazzling environments built for fostering deeper human relationships

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Customize Your Creativity

  • Introduce gamification to inspire and encourage
  • Conduct treasure hunts, quizzes and polls
  • Add features through a fully extendable plug-in architecture and marketplace

Why Teams Use SpatialWeb

The SpatialWeb is the Future of Online Connection

Teams everywhere are burned out by Zoom. Smart companies and smart leaders are looking for a better way to gather their people together, and drive teamwork and creativity. The SpatialWeb gives teams the presence and connection they’ve been missing.

  • No downloads required
  • Simple and intuitive access for team members
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Unlimited conversations

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