photo-content-icon-1-2SPATIAL CONNECTIONS

Immersive Spaces to Drive Productivity

  • Standup calls or board meetings
  • Presentations and discussions
  • After-work socials and team-building events

photo-content-icon-2-3SPATIAL CONNECTIONS

Built for Discussions and Deep Work

  • Dynamic video with a sense of place and presence
  • Full agency to engage, converse and collaborate
  • Dazzling environments built for fostering deep work

photo-content-icon-3-3SPATIAL CONNECTIONS

Fully Customizable Workspaces

  • Build your office exactly as you need it
  • Select from pre-made templates and add infinite customizations
  • Add productivity features through a fully extendable plug-in architecture and marketplace

Why Businesses Use SpatialWeb

The SpatialWeb is the Future of Online Connection

Savvy companies and leaders know that the future of online connection is not confined to video calls. The SpatialWeb empowers users to create events that are as dynamic and vivid as real life.

  • A vital augmentation to Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • No downloads required
  • Improve the mental health of staff
  • Simple and intuitive access for the whole office

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