Why Businesses Choose SpatialWeb



Unleash Your Teams

With SpatialWeb, give your team access to a dedicated digital workspace where people can meet up anytime from anywhere. Your personal virtual space is always open and always on, allowing for visitors to initiate an unlimited amount of individual video and audio interactions, whether planned or spontaneous, all in a single space. Showcase your work, gather your teams for collaboration, display or auction your NFT’s in a spatial gallery, run virtual dinner parties or run a talent show– whatever purpose you can imagine to gather in “real life” you can do it together across time and space in SpatialWeb.

  • Fully customizable look & feel, architecture, and interactive ownable objects.
  • No more zoning out, blank stares, or Zoom fatigue

photo-content-icon-2VIRTUAL OFFICE

Level Up Your Virtual Office

Design and build a virtual office that is tailored to the needs of your company. From document uploads and multi-party screen sharing to personalised chat and dynamic video and audio features, SpatialWeb is equipped with all the tools you need for building connection, making decisions and getting things done online.

  • Build and brand a space that embodies your company culture
  • Customize your virtual home office for unlimited collaboration, productivity & fun


Host Dynamic Events

Bring the energy and atmosphere of a real-life event into the virtual world with SpatialWeb. Create a virtual environment that gives attendees the freedom and agency to network at ease. From multiple stages to an infinite number of breakout rooms, SpatialWeb gives you everything you need to create a virtual experience that connects speakers, sponsors and attendees like never before.

  • Design your event space to maximise the attendee experience
  • Design your event space to maximise the attendee experience
  • Integrate eCommerce with Viral sharing to unleash your brand’s potential

photo-content-icon-4FOR CREATORS

Create Your World

Whether you’re an architect, artist, creator, celebrity, fan or a game designer, SpatialWeb gives you the tools you need to design a custom virtual space exactly how you want it. Create a virtual world that is as visceral and embodied as the real world, and invite others to explore the makings of your imagination.

  • Unlimited space to design and build your space
  • Create, import and engage with interactive NFT’s (blockchain based digital objects) that move seamlessly between virtual, augmented & the real world

Remote Togetherness for Humans

Bringing the depth, richness, and spontaneity of real life into the virtual realm. Experience digital environments that are custom-built and fully 3D.



No new hardware or software required. Simple entry through personalized portals.


Unprecedented Virtual

An all-new approach to the virtual meetup experience.


Video Calls

No more flat webcam interactions. A vivid, stimulating environment for every attendee.

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