Go Deep

Remote Togetherness, for Humans.

Dissolving the boundaries between

Physical and Digital.

Highest Quality Sound
Highest Quality Sound-- low latency 3D spatial audio mimics real life
No Downloads
Just a Website--no downloads required
Available on all devices
Use any device-- phones, tablets, laptops, VR & AR
Customize your world
Customize the world--your environment, media, and virtual objects
Possibility of the platform
2D and 3D platforms supported

Welcome to

The Spatial Web

The way we socialize and interact in gatherings and teams is evolving. The Spatial Web is
the evolution of the World Wide Web, bringing agency, spontaneity, and human connection
to the digital experience.

Oculus Quest
Magic Leap
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Take a Website, Add People,

Places & Things

The Spatial Web is the Web, with three additions: people, places and things. These three
elements result in a website unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Video conferencing platforms are dominating our lives, but overexposure is increasingly being proven to cause negative, involuntary biological reactions. Staring head-on at people’s faces, and your own, for prolonged periods triggers “fight or flight” reactions, anxiety, and exhaustion. The Spatial Web incorporates video with a sense of place and personal agency, in a more natural and healthy context. In Spatial Websites, video becomes organic to a more free-flowing, dynamic and connected set of interactions, intuitively powered by the users themselves.


The Spatial Web extends the canvas of the Web into the real world, and into the space beyond the surface page. In this expansive environment, you can meet, shop, learn and connect.


A key component of the Spatial Web is our trademarked, revolutionary digital object called “Vatoms” (virtual atoms). Vatoms can be owned, bought, traded, used, collected or dropped into any virtual space. Vatoms are unique digital objects that come alive with 3D animation, sound and interactivity. They can live on blockchains and can be accessed at any time by their owners on their phone. Pick up a brochure in an event and review it later, complete polls at your convenience, take a virtual gift bag with a Starbucks coffee and stop by the store and get a real coffee. Vatoms are being adopted by some of the largest companies in the world to achieve value-based relationships with customers and engage in new, powerful ways. The seamless integration of Vatoms into Spatial Web environments is key to their success, providing the glue between virtual experiences and real-world commerce and loyalty.


Find and acquire Vatoms in physical media, radio, television, websites, AR, and VR.


Share objects with friends, fans and customers


Redeem Vatom rewards and promotions, as coupons, digital twins, tickets, and more.


Store, trade and sell keepsake objects and collectibles


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