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The Spatial Web offers a rich, complex, highly dynamic environment. The worlds created by the Spatial Web are unlike anything else available online. First-time users are excited by the novelty of the experience, and delightfully overwhelmed by the wealth of original features.


  • Fully 2D, 2.5D, or 3D, open world space
  • Full presence as a 3D video avatar
  • Fully customizable, dynamic environments
  • Portals for instant navigation across spaces
  • First person and aerial views
  • Low latency, 3D spatial audio
  • Zones of silence for private conversations


  • Unlimited rooms within a single space
  • Access via phone, laptop, tablet, or VR headset
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Ease of use features, including people and places menus
  • Role-based entry points
  • Role based access control (ie, VIP Rooms)
  • Assigned seating

The Soul in
the Machine

Traditional websites and remote meeting apps are causing mass fatigue, anxiety, and low engagement. Spatial Websites add a powerful collaborative canvas to meet, work and play.

What’s needed:
The Spatial Web

Expansion of the World Wide Web to allow the exploration of content and relationships with superior context, experience and spontaneity.



  • Guided navigation capability
  • Interactive live conference agenda
  • Presenter and audience microphone functionality
  • Easy, multi-party screen sharing
  • Advanced, in-depth analytics
  • Audio broadcasting for moderators
  • Interactive polls and quizzes
  • Advanced security and moderator tools


  • Group and one-to-one chat (with emojis)
  • Vatoms™, revolutionary digital objects
  • Animated and interactive digital objects
  • First person and aerial views
  • Contact and business card sharing
  • Live streaming
  • Fully interactive, embedded web content


  • Document sharing and collaboration: Google Docs,
    Microsoft Office
  • Full Intercom integration

A Better Website, On Any Device

SpatialWeb is a website, running on all major platforms: Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and
VR HMD Headsets.

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