Case studies

How people and brands are using SpatialWeb

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Slack Delights Conference Attendees With an Immersive SpatialWeb Experience

In an era of Zoom fatigue, the Slack leadership in Japan was seeking a new and dynamic way to host an online conference.

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Getting the Party Started: MediaLink and iHeartMedia Goes Virtual with CES 2021 Bash

Everyone is missing live events. The people missing them worst of all are those who are used to attending truly special annual bashes.

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Synbiobeta Delights Conference Participants With An Immersive XR Experience

The SpatialWeb environment enabled attendees of SynBioBeta2020 Summit to connect, interact, and engage in an extended reality space that effectively mimicked a live event.

analytic events logo cs

Analytic Events Achieves Spontaneity And Serendipity With The SpatialWeb

Tasked with providing immersive and innovative technology for a networking event, the Analytic Events team delivered immersive new forms of connectivity and sensory experience with the SpatialWeb.

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SpatialWeb Fundraising Event For Us Senate Candidate

The Reverend Doctor Raphael Warnock needed to raise funds for a hotly contested Georgia Senate race.

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Thomson Reuters Brings a Human Touch to the Virtual World With the SpatialWeb

Thomson Reuters had two weeks to transition from in-person events to a virtual networking space.


Reimagining the Beaux Arts Ball:How the Architectural League of New York Embraced the SpatialWeb

The Architectural League of New York revived the Annual Beaux Arts Ball in 1990.

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