Every sales department in the country looks forward to their kickoff event. It’s a chance for everyone – managers, field teams, SDRs, leaders – to come together around a shared purpose. At a good sales kickoff, everyone is brought to up speed with the latest product updates, and the team can share sales strategies, learn best practices, and boost camaraderie.

Of course, in recent times, the sales kickoff has had to become the virtual sales kickoff. With the travel restrictions and social distancing protocols of the pandemic in place, in-person gatherings were not an option.

And here’s the thing: the virtual sales kickoff is here to stay. Though the overall frequency of virtual meetups and events may decline slightly after the pandemic, McKinsey predicts that they will remain staple fixtures. Boston University cites reduced operational expenses, particularly travel costs, as the main reason for enterprises to continue embracing and hosting virtual events.

Moving forward, every company needs to learn how to throw the best virtual sales kickoff possible. This means going beyond Zoom and other similar video conferencing solutions, which many people are now tired of. How can companies replicate the fun and exciting atmosphere of an actual, in-person sales kickoff? Here are five important virtual sales kickoff ideas that we’ve seen produce very positive outcomes in the SpatialWeb.

1. Create Venues That Mimic the Real World

What’s one guaranteed way to make your online sales kickoff events feel like the real thing? By treating your attendees to a virtual environment where every detail and element replicates real-world configurations. 

Rather than 2D grids of webcam feeds, companies should strive for 3D worlds that mimic an in-person setting. Companies are using the SpatialWeb to power hybrid virtual offices. Here, they are recreating the layout and vibe of a real office. This same principle can be a powerful approach to a sales event. 

You want to stage your virtual sales kickoff in a grand ballroom? A powerful XR platform can enable you to integrate real-world details into your virtual sales kickoff event. You can incorporate your branding throughout the virtual space.

In this custom virtual environment, you can set up virtual breakout rooms to facilitate small group discussions and activities. You can give speakers dedicated spaces, and create room for participants who want to engage in meaningful and personal discussions. Rather than simply Zoom presentations, you can recreate the feeling and buzz of a real speaking event. 

2. Build Hype With Pre-Event Teasers

A great way to build up your sales teams’ excitement and anticipation is by treating them to pre-event teasers. Nothing hypes any event other than a sample of what is to come. Research has highlighted how effective VR teasers can be in cultivating curiosity. 

With the right XR tools, you can build excitement about your virtual sales kickoffs by showing sneak previews of what is to come. You could allow time-limited exploration of your 3D space, or have a brief presentation that acts as a trailer. With the right data to hand, you can personalize the pre-event experience by showing participants the material that will create the most enthusiasm.

3. Go All-In On a Big Launch

The success (or failure) of any event hinges on a lot of factors. However, many judge the opening act to be the precursor of things to come. So, it’s critical that you launch your virtual sales kickoff conference with a bang. 

By leveraging XR technology, you can go beyond the flat webcam presentation of a typical video call. 

Instead, you can open proceedings with a fully immersive virtual experience. In a dedicated, dazzling space, your CEO can give a dynamic presentation. You could fire up a virtual stage and have a pop star perform. You could kick things off with a treasure hunt, or a quiz. The virtual world is your oyster. 

4. Relevant Speakers, Workshops, and Other Content

Each sales kickoff provides your sales team with a great opportunity to share market updates and swap best practices around selling your products. Thus, it is essential that your digital sales kickoff summit delivers all this content to your members in a manner that’s relevant and useful.

Insights from participants’ data (derived from pre-event surveys or questionnaires) will help determine the type of workshops or training that will draw the interest of your attendees. Also, you can leverage the insights to invite the perfect speakers to talk at your event, thereby empowering participants to be more engaging and attentive.

By deciding ahead of your virtual sales summit the type of content to present, you can design and showcase workshops that maximize virtual event time. Featuring content and speakers that are relevant to users encourages the latter to tackle complex topics, ask significant questions, and join in meaningful conversations.

5. Gamify Your Event

Among the many virtual sales kickoff ideas one can think of, gamification should be a priority. Gamification has proven to help increase engagement, productivity, and retention, according to numerous studies. Approximately 80% of workers in the US reported that game-based learning is more engaging while another 50% registered an improvement in productivity through gamified learning.

By combining the fun element of games into your virtual sales kickoff activities, such as treasure hunts, virtual escape rooms, and leaderboards, participants are empowered to participate and pay attention. Distractions are limited, if not eliminated, and learning becomes more optimized. Overall, it is a fantastic way to create a buzz and energy across the whole sales team.

Let The Spatial Web Power Your Virtual Sales Kickoffs

Too many businesses are resorting to Zoom and similar platforms for their virtual sales kickoff events. However, 56% of remote employees want to limit their time on Zoom. 42% of respondents feel they aren’t productive after a virtual conference. 

This is not the energy you want to recreate at a good sales event. When people are bored while in a video conference, engagement, productivity, and the capacity to learn drop significantly. 

However, virtual sales kickoffs don’t have to be bland, static, and lifeless. Like digital meet-ups, online recruitment events, and business conferences, the right XR tech can drastically improve things. Sales events can become more immersive, dynamic, and interactive, and everyone can benefit. 

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