Even as the pandemic continues, many major companies are continuing to recruit thousands of new members of staff. However, lockdowns, travel restrictions, and health concerns mean that in-person approaches to recruitment aren’t possible. Instead, many companies have had to rapidly pivot to a virtual recruitment model.

Even post-pandemic, this trend is here to stay. Virtual recruitment has been normalized, and it comes with many benefits. It’s flexible, low-cost, and removes geographical barriers. 

The question is: How can companies execute the very virtual recruitment events? The answer is not endless Zoom calls. To attract and to vet the best candidates, companies need to seek out tools that allow them to create dynamic, immersive, and interactive recruitment environments. The more lifelike the hiring experience is, the better the results will be.

Recruitment Via Zoom = a Flat Experience

The goal of any recruitment event or meeting is to locate and hire the best candidates. However, for companies and candidates to best connect, understand, and assess one another, everyone needs to be able to give a full picture of themselves. They need the richest, most real-world experience possible. 

Zoom calls don’t offer this. Though many companies have hosted recruitment events and interviews through Zoom, the experience is flat. 

People are tired of Zoom. Hours of staring at a 2D grid of faces is leading to Zoom fatigue. Relying on this approach will drain both your recruitment team and candidates of their energy and enthusiasm. This is not the mood you want to set when you’re trying to successfully recruit. You want to create a space that is comfortable, vivid, and animated. This is the kind of space that encourages conversations, sharing, and incisive questioning. 

Video calls offer an anemic form of human connection. And in recruitment, judging the quality of human connection is crucial. Companies need more. 

Creating a Richer Recruitment Experience

What can companies do to create an environment where the recruiting experience is richer, more connected, and thus more productive? Onboard tools that allow for the very best forms of virtual recruitment. To create the best experience, teams tasked with recruiting new talent need:

  • A dynamic 3D world. You want your recruiters and your candidates meeting in a three-dimensional virtual environment where people can roam around and interact with its elements. The more immersive and rich the experience, the more engaged and involved everyone will be.
  • Unique virtual elements. You want to be able to customize your environment so that the interview or virtual recruitment event never goes stale. In a powerful XR space, you can set up booths where candidates can enter and watch company highlights and updates; you can stream educational videos; you can allow candidates to give presentations; and whatever else you need.
  • Immersive interviews. The standard virtual recruitment experience is a flat video call. However, recruitment is a very human process, driven by human beings encountering one another. This is why Zoom feels inadequate. With the right XR tool, you can create immersive spaces, with 3D sound and a deep sense of presence. You can create dedicated virtual spaces that foster exactly the atmosphere you need. 
  • Room for spontaneity. Virtual recruiting events can sometimes be too rigid. Often, the best interviews follow an organic flow, with recruiters and candidates reacting on the spot. In a rich visual tool, you can customize your space on the fly. At bigger events, you can gives candidates a place where they can engage among themselves, widen their network, and present themselves to potential employers, just as they would in an actual recruitment hall.
  • Engagement through gamification. With sophisticated tools, you can inject more energy into your virtual recruitment events by incorporating games and other fun activities. This can be a powerful way to get your candidates engaged. Feed them company trivia through fun quizzes, and encourage them to participate by providing prizes.

Business Organizations Succeeding with the Spatial Web

The Spatial Web is empowering some of the world’s most trusted brands to create custom, immersive visual worlds. Slack, Thomson Reuters, iHeartMedia and others are using the Spatial Web to develop custom experiences with far more richness and human engagement than a video call. 

“You enter the virtual – but you experience the real. The Spatial Web is an awesome way to create a new conference experience.” 

Hiroki Takahashi, Slack Japan.

“The SpatialWeb truly brings back the spontaneity of a live event,” 

John Cumbers, SynBioBeta founder.

The SpatialWeb offers a powerful virtual recruitment tool, and allows companies to give both recruiters and candidates the novel and fresh experience that will work for both.

Virtual recruiting events and activities conducted through XR technology can deliver a vibe and experience that is close to the real. Interactions are not forced or boxed in. Every movement feels natural, even if your virtual recruitment campaigns are still conducted in the digital space.

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