You enter the virtual – but you experience the real. The SpatialWeb is an awesome way to create a new customer experience.

Slack Japan Conference Organizer

Conferences are staple events in the corporate world. But in the new COVID 19 reality, physical events currently feel like a distant memory. As a result, business conferences must be hosted online. This creates opportunities for extended reality to deliver more than just another Zoom call.

When Slack Japan needed to host their Slack Tour Japan Online virtual conference last year, they faced a challenge. 

The extended reality possibilities of the SpatialWeb enabled Slack to offer a fresh, dynamic, and successful virtual conference that was unlike anything the attendees had ever seen.

How could they run an event that didn’t feel like every other work call? 

How could they keep all attendees maximally engaged, and ensure virtual conference success? 

How could they make it feel like an actual conference, not just a big meeting?

Going Beyond Zoom Calls

Ever since the pandemic struck, many companies have defaulted to Zoom as the place to hold large online events. But Zoom is burning people out. Users have complained of stress and exhaustion following extensive use of the video calling application. The phenomenon has been dubbed ‘Zoom fatigue’ by the medical sector.

With this in mind, the management at Slack Japan realized that current online conferencing solutions were not going to cut it for them. They didn’t want to risk the success of their online conference by using a platform that people were tired of. Slack Japan wanted to impress and delight their attendees, not simply offer them another Zoom link.

Extended Reality in the SpatialWeb

Aware that people were feeling drained from months of interacting with people via a flat, unengaging screen, Slack Japan knew they had to deliver a virtual conference that offered a fresh and novel experience.

Slack Japan turned to the SpatialWeb’s extended reality capabilities to help them. With the SpatialWeb platform, they found a tool that enabled them to offer a 3D environment that delivered a true sense of place and sound. They found a tool that could give attendees a true feeling of “being there.”

Along with a practical infrastructure required to host large gatherings without a hitch, SpatialWeb also provided Slack Japan with the tools to create and simulate expo slots for their event partners and sponsors.

A Genuine, Delightful Experience

Through the SpatialWeb’s XR technology, conference attendees were ushered into a three-dimensional world that was truly immersive, dynamic, and interactive. 

Attendees were empowered to explore their environment, and move around a rich virtual setting spontaneously, mimicking the experience of the real world.

Slack Japan was also able to extend the same experience for their sponsors.  Asana, Atlassian, Zendesk, and Dropbox all had their own virtual booths where their staff could showcase products and services, mirroring the experience of hosting product demos in an actual trade expo.

Instead of looking at a grid of video feeds for hours, participants of the Slack Tour Japan Online conference were moving, connecting, and engaging with each other. 

“You enter the virtual – but you experience the real,” said Hiroki Takahashi, the chief conference organizer. “The SpatialWeb is an awesome way to create a new customer experience.”

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